Twitter endorses YYC4Haiti

January 24th, 20102:42 am @ that_angela


This just in.

Social-media giant, Twitter, has endorsed YYC4Haiti as an official Tweetup, allowing the organizational team to use its logo for promotional purposes.

Jon Holden, a.k.a. @holdencalgary, approached Twitter representatives for permission and received the go-ahead late Saturday evening.

An email from Sean Garrett approved all use of the Twitter logo.

“Good luck,’ he said in his email.

It’s incredible news to have Twitter’s endorsement. The YYC4Haiti team was amazed at the email.

“The company recognizes our efforts to mobilize a metropolitan city via social media and join forces to help people in need,” said Camilla Di Giuseppe. “Viral messages through social media generated several million dollars of texted donations in the first few days following the earthquake.”

Join us for Western Canada’s largest Tweetup ever! It starts at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 28, at Flames Central.